December 12, 2018

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All You Need To Know About Septic System

October 8, 2018

Hygiene is something that every being on earth deserves to live their lives in a better way. To follow health and anti-diseased life, Sanitation is the first basic one should follow and with that comes septic tanks.


The septic tank is a large container of plastic or concrete, placed underground to hold fecal wastes. One of the major parts of the tank is The Leach Field which is made from improved technologies that remove the contaminants from the septic liquid exiting from the tank.




About The Structure


The tank comes with septic tank filters or septic filter which is located at the end of the septic tank where the effluent leaves the tank and flows to the leach field. What this filter does is, it traps the small particles of the suspended solids which the tank cannot collect in the place where the sludge and the scum is collected.


Now The Process!


The filter helps in reducing the collected waste matters before they enter the leach field thereby increasing the longevity of the leach field of the septic tank. Another filter found in the septic tank is the effluent filter. The effluent filter is a pipe fitted into another pipe vertically attached to the outlet pipe of the septic tank. The main benefits of an effluent filter are - prevents clogging of leach fields thereby keeping non-biodegradable objects away from exiting the septic tank. This filter prevents the heavy deposition of the scum from exiting the system. Septic effluent filters or the Septic tank effluent filters are also applied in the tanks for cleaning. It cleans the filter, every time the tank is pumped. It is very cost efficient and also maintains the longevity of the tank.


The septic tanks should be kept well-covered so the odor does not get contaminated in the air. It should be maintained and cleaned to live life healthfully.


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